7-Target 16X Spartan Bluray BDXL/ DVD / CD Duplicator, with BD-ROM/500GB HDD/USB3.0
7-Target 16X Spartan Bluray BDXL/ DVD / CD Duplicator, with BD-ROM/500GB HDD/USB3.0
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par ILY
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Introducing the newly enhanced Blu-ray (BDXL)/DVD/CD duplicator. Now you can complete multiple duplication tasks with a single duplicator and keep up with today’s digital world, where file size is increasing everyday. Higher resolution photos, sharper and clearer HD video, and countless electronic files can easily be duplicated in minutes.

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Part Number
Operating Type
Stand Alone
Internal Interface
Maximum Writing Speed
BD-R TL/QL: 6X BD-R LTH: 6X BD-RE TL: 2X BD-R DL: 12X BD-RE DL: 2X BD-R SL: 16X BD-RE SL: 2X DVD-R: 16X DVD-RW: 8X DVD+R: 16X DVD+R:W 8X DVD-R DL: 8X DVD+R DL: 8X CD-R: 48X CD-RW: 24X (Actual write speed depends on the Blu-ray media)
Supported Disc Formats
BD ROM, BD-R, BD-R DL, BD-R QL, BD-R TL, BD-RE, BD-RE DL, DVD ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, CD-DA, CD ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, Multi-session Photo CDTM,CD-I, Video CD, CD ROM XA, & CD Extra (CD Plus)
Supported Recording Discs
DVD-R DL, 12cm 80min/700MB CD-R, 12cm 74min/650MB CD-RW, 8cm 1.47GB mini DVD-R, 8cm 24min/210MB mini CD-R, 8cm 50MB Business Card CD-R
Hard Drive
Premium 500GB
External PC Link
USB 3.0
Power Supply
Input: 100 ~ 240V AC;Output: +5V DC, 3.8A
Operating Temperature
40°F ~ 95°F
Operating Humidity
20% ~ 90%
Gross Weight
Package Dimensions


  • No Computer Needed - Fully stand-alone system
  • Blu-ray/DVD/CD discs are supported, including large capacity BDXL disc and all other popular optical media formats.
  • Dynamic Hard-drive Partitioning (DHP) saving HD space by adjusting partition size based on actual file size
  • Multi-Language supported, and is displayed in: English, Spanish, Portuguese or Japanese
  • Advanced Diagnosis Mode troubleshoots and sets adjustment for optimal performance
  • Dual-level Security Password for Startup & Setup to prevent unauthorized usage
  • BDXL Advantages - burn large capacity of Triple/Quad Layer blu-ray discs (100GB/128GB storage capacity)
  • Ideal for large capacity 3D video and other large archiving needs for industries such as video and broadcast professionals, government, library, medical and document imaging and other related industries.


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