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Document Scanning Montreal, Canada Online Inc.

We are providing microfilming and outsource document management services in order for organizations to secure and provide them with easier access to their documents, thereby, enabling them to focus on their core businesses. Through the extensive knowledge in the microfilming world, it was a natural move for us to move to the digital imaging world, thereby offering scanning services. Our extensive expertise, in the world of microfilming, is serving us well today, for clients who want to convert their microfilm to digital images. 

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Document Scanning Montreal, Canada Online Inc.

Our services incorporate the following;

  • The origins of our business, microfilming services, for all types of documents
  • Film development services
  • Paper scanning services, for all types of documents, including engineering drawings
  • Microfilm scanning services
  • Archival copy of digitized images to microfilm
  • Indexing services
  • Micrographic supplies
  • Micrographic and electronic imaging hardware
  • Electronic document management consulting and software recommendations

Document Scanning Montreal, Canada Online Inc.
Our mission is to provide conversion services to our clients, in the format they are currently working with, as well as providing them with new and innovative ideas and ways to enhance their business processes. The knowledge and experience we've accumulated over the years has led us to recommend imaging solutions, combined with our conversion services, providing a turn key solution to our clients. These enhanced processes provide our clients with today's technology, in order for them to truly and only focus on their core business. These enhanced tools may lead our clients to, enhanced customer service, potential revenue growth, better internal controls, and enhanced profitability.

Our team is available to handle all aspects of your imaging, including picking up documents from your office, scanning, and indexing. You will be able to retrieve the images readily over the Web or by email, or we can copy the images to a CD or DVD for your use. An added benefit of sending your documents for scanning is that we can store the hard copy at our facility after they are scanned. This gives you easy access to your hard copy documents without having all the burden of the boxes at your location or a mini-warehouse. Alternatively, or after a predetermined period of time, we can securely and confidentially shred your paper documents. Since they have been converted to an electronic file, they may no longer be needed.

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